Websites with Games that Promote Learning

Most kids love playing on-line games, and computer time can be used as an opportunity to hone the skills used at school while having fun. There are many websites with skill-building games.  Some sites also suggest activities to practice that will develop skills such as reading, multiplication, or keyboarding. Here are a few websites that can be accessed for free and have great skill-building games.
Literacy skills for kindergarten to grade 3, or ESL learners

This site has many different games that are leveled as beginner, intermediate and advanced, depending on the age and reading skills of the child. The games target specific skills including letter names and sounds, alphabetical order, sounding out to spell, following instructions, opposites and other learning goals for primary aged students. Students really like these games and the graphics and sound effects are funny and quirky! The games help reinforce important language skills that contribute to the development of both reading and writing.
Go to, click on “Game Goo”, choose your internet speed, then click on “Kids”, and you will see the games menu. To learn more about the games – for example which grade levels they are appropriate for and which skills they help develop – click on “Parents and Teachers” (instead of “Kids”), then click on “Game Descriptions”. The descriptions are quite detailed and assign a grade level and associated skill for each game.
Ages 2 to 11

This is the TVOntario website and it has a large selection of games that include categories for practicing with the alphabet, with words, with math, with art, with music and with science. Go to To find the games click on either “Ages 2 to 5” or “11 and under”. Then click on “Games” and you will see all the games as icons on a menu page. If you scroll over each icon you will see a brief description of the game. You can also choose game categories by clicking on the category list on the left side of the games menu page. Because there are so many choices on this site, most – if not all – kids will find a game they really like. The games cover a wide variety of learning goals in different subject areas.

Check out a future blog for more suggestions of websites with educational games!


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