Tips for the New School Year: Part 1

The start of a new school year is the best time to help your child get organized, to instill regular study habits, and to learn study skills that can lead to a successful year.

Tip #1: Expectations

Discuss your expectations with your child. What is minimum amount of studying that is expected? What are the lowest acceptable grades? Then establish a positive mindset and a support structure that reach beyond these minimums. It is important for your child to know what your expectations are, and for your child to realize that school is very important and should be taken seriously. Children may not realize that grades are linked to study skills, both of which can be improved with practice and focus.

Tip #2: Goals

Give your child the chance to talk about her goals for the year. You can help your child set goals, and also assist with figuring out the steps needed to reach these goals. For example, if your child wants to improve her Math grade, help her set up a math study schedule which includes time for assigned homework, time for reviewing concepts taught that day (or that week), and time for daily practice with times tables, long division, or whatever she needs to work on. Your child’s teacher can suggest skills that are appropriate to focus on for her grade level. Have your child write down her goals in each subject, and then you can review them together a few times a year, for example after report cards are sent home. With this type of goal setting and study scheduling, students are able to stay on top of their homework and track their progress throughout the year.


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