Tips for the New School Year: Part 2

After you have established your expectations about schoolwork and grades, and helped your child set some goals, the next step is to implement a plan to achieve those goals. Most students will need your support to plan a study schedule and then follow through with it.

Tip #3: Building a Study Schedule

A study schedule should be simple enough so that your child will be able to follow it himself, and should include time for assigned homework, time for concept review, and time for skills practice. Depending on the amount of homework assigned, the actual time spent may vary from day by day. If possible, spend a few minutes with your child before the scheduled study time to plan and preview homework. Have your child explain what he is working on and help him prioritize the tasks.

Here is a sample study schedule for a grade five student who would like complete all of the assigned homework, while paying special attention to Math.


Math skills practice: games, worksheets, flashcards etc.

Review any new concepts in Math and work on assigned homework.

Complete homework in other subject areas.

Read for 20 minutes before bedtime: this is a great time for your child to read for pleasure and choose his own book.


5:00- 5:15
Math skills practice: games

Complete homework and work on projects as needed
Read for 20 minutes before bedtime

Generally, primary students will be spending less time on homework than intermediate students.  Keep in mind that some children need longer to complete tasks than others, so tweaking the study schedule to fit your child is important. If your child does not have much homework and wants to improve in a certain subject area, online learning games are a fun way to focus on developing specific skills. Other at home projects could include writing short stories or writing in a journal, reading books and writing book reviews, creating a comic, doing science experiments, drawing family portraits or sketching neighbourhood buildings.

Check back for part 3 of this blog to read about customizing the study schedule to make it work best for your child and his individual learning style.


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