Starting the Year Off Right, Part 1: Setting up a Homework/Study Space

Establishing a daily homework routine is important for students to succeed in school. In primary and junior school, this routine is often initiated, implemented and supervised by a parent or guardian. Once a student reaches high school, however, the homework routine tends to become an independent and unsupervised (or minimally supervised) endeavor where the onus is on the adolescent. Giving teens the freedom to create and maintain their own homework schedule and daily routine is a great way for them to develop skills to do with planning and organization.  As well, the practice of maintaining a day-to-day routine cultivates a sense of self-direction and can greatly improve self-discipline.

One of the most important elements of an effective homework routine is the study space itself. Teens should consider the following when setting up a study area at home:

1)      Create a study space before the term starts. Do not wait until you are swamped with assignments!

2)      Clean and de-clutter your study space. A clear desk and/or room allows for a clear mind. Make sure you have enough space to work.

3)      Avoid straining your eyes and risking fatigue. Ensure that you have adequate lighting for your study space.

4)      Before you start studying, gather all the materials you will need – textbooks, binders, notes, pens, computer etc- so that you do not have to interrupt your focus.

5)      Minimize distractions – avoid setting up your study space by the T.V. or in an area with high traffic. Instead, find a quiet, isolated space in your home.

6)      Your study area should be comfortable but not too relaxing! Avoid lounging on the bed or curling up in a beanbag chair. A desk and chair is probably your best bet.

Stay tuned for tips on how to effectively use your study space…


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