Starting the Year Off Right, Part 2: Establishing a Successful Homework Routine

Now that the study space is set up (see previous blog:, high school students can maximize their time and effort by following these homework/study session guidelines:

1)      Time: Arrange a time for homework and studying that works well with your schedule and work habits. Choose the time of day (e.g. afternoon or evening) that you are most alert and schedule your homework session for that time.  Being more awake when you are studying lays the foundation for improved focus and productivity.

2)      Intervals: Some students prefer to study for long periods of time. Others find it more productive to do their work in many short intervals. If your assignment and test deadlines permit, choose a length of study time that works best for you. (Note- if you decide to go with shorter intervals, try keeping a clock with an alarm nearby)

3)      Prioritize: When you sit down at your desk to begin studying, take five minutes to make a list of the work that needs to get done during the time you have allotted. Prioritize your workload around the deadlines and adapt these priorities by reviewing and re-visiting areas that you are struggling with. Create a simple but complete plan for your study session.

4)      Minimize Distractions: If you are using a computer, resist the temptations of social networking and chat sites. Use the internet for school purposes only. Reward yourself after your study session by spending some time cyber-socializing. Some students prefer to work with music. If you find that listening is taking your attention away from your work turn the music off and listen later.

5)       Routine: Once you have set up your homework schedule, stick to it! On days that you do not have any assigned homework nor any upcoming tests, use this time wisely: review your notes, read ahead or organize your binder.

Consistently applying these skills will benefit you in the long run.


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