More Learning-Game Websites

Listed below are two more websites with games that will help students practice academic skills. One of the great things about playing these types of games is that students are motivated to play and practice because the games are visually stimulating, and fun.

Learning multiplication at

If your child is learning the times tables, this is a good site for them to get lots of practice. There are more than fifty games to choose from which should appeal to students with varied interests. Some of the game titles are: Patty’s Paints, Math Models, Castle Quests, and Puny Pet Shop. The games allow the player to choose which multiplication facts or ‘fact family’ to focus on. Many students find it easier to learn one fact family at a time, for example the four times table, so this is a useful tool. To find the games, click on “games” near the top of the screen, and then choose “interactive games” for the free online games. This site also offers free addition and division games; just click on the link. This site also has links to multiplication games on other sites.


Learning at ‘fun school’:

If you are looking for a website with games for different subjects, this one includes categories for Math games, Language games, Science games, Geography and History games, Sports games, and Arts and Music games. Click on “All Games” and then you will see the different categories to choose from. If you would rather find games based on your child’s grade level, click on “Parents and Teachers”, and then you can choose a grade level listed under “Games”. There are games for preschoolers, kindergarten to 2nd grade students, 3rd to 4th grade students and 5th to 6th grade students. Either way, the games are listed with a visual and a quick description of the game alongside; this makes it easy to find the type of game you are looking for.


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