More ways to customize your child’s study schedule.


Students will have to spend more time studying, researching or completing assignments at times of the year when a deadline approaches. For this reason, the study schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate an increase or decrease in study time as the workload changes. When there is less work, extra time may be spent focusing on skill building in a weaker subject, or playing more learning games, as opposed to doing assigned homework. As well, you may find the need to change the study schedule depending on how your child is coping with the amount and type of homework given. Does he need to spend more time on writing tasks and less time on math drills? Feel free to change the study schedule as needed, and speak to his teacher if the amount of homework is overwhelming, or if he is having problems understanding what is required.

Asking For Help

If you have the type of child who wants help every step of the way, teaching her skills to work independently is important. Teach your child to re-read the question, jot down ideas and highlight important information, before asking for help. If, on the other hand, you have a child who will never ask for help no matter how stuck he is, teach him that it is ok get help so that he can get on with the task.

Project Planning and Breaking Down Tasks

For projects and assignments with multiple tasks, topics or sections, planning how to proceed is a crucial step. First help your child come up with an outline or web of the different tasks that need to be completed; then it will be easier to create a timetable that guides your child through the completion of the entire assignment before the deadline. Estimate how much time it will take to complete each part and work this in to the project schedule. Leave enough time at the end of the schedule for your child to revise and edit his work. Most students will work more efficiently with a specific deadline for each task.  By closely following this type of schedule the problem of having too much work and not enough time can be easily avoided.


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