Assignment Overload (Part 1): How to Deal

Heads up students – it’s that time of year again…. no long weekends in sight and the holidays are still several weeks away. You have probably spent all of your energy and brainpower cramming for midterm tests and assignments, and although they are over and done with, it suddenly feels as though you are completely overloaded with schoolwork. November is a busy month for most high school students, but don’t despair – there are ways that you can break it down into manageable chunks. Stick to the following guidelines and you will complete all of your work on time:

1)    Don’t Panic – If you panic about your workload, you will find ways to avoid it. Take a deep breath, relax and read the following steps below to start organizing!

2)     Plot – come up with a plan. Make a list of all the assignments, tests, quizzes, and homework that is due. Write down the corresponding deadlines. If this task feels like it’s impossible, have a parent/guardian or tutor help you.

3)     Prioritize- From the list you have made, highlight the work that is most important for you to finish (for example, maybe an assignment is worth a considerable percentage or weight of your final mark). Culminating projects, exams and ISUs should be deemed high priority. Using a different colour, highlight some smaller tasks that would take no more than an hour to complete. Consider which deadlines are closest – even if (especially if) they have already passed.

4)     Plan – Create a study/homework calendar. Schedule time to work on each assignment. Look ahead to determine what should be an adequate time for you to complete each assignment. Pepper in some of the smaller assignments in between the big ones so you can feel productive and take a break from the bigger tasks. Stick to the schedule (even if it means that you have to miss out on social activities for a week or two) and you will come out on top!


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