Assignment Overload (Part 2): How to Create a Homework Schedule

Using an agenda is a great way to keep track of assignments and tests, but if you are feeling overwhelmed with your workload, you may need to take it a step further. Try creating a (bi) weekly homework calendar to help you organize and plan your study schedule.

A homework schedule can be easily created using good old-fashioned pen and paper but you might find it easier (and quicker) to make on your computer.  You can use a Word document and insert a ‘Table’ from the menu. Select a Table with 7 rows and 6 columns. In each of the seven rows, list the days of the week (including weekends). In the columns, list the following (from left to right):

  • Day of the Week
  • Homework/Assignment
  • Official Due Date
  • Your Due Date
  • Time to Send Today/Tonight
  • Complete


After you have sorted through your assignments/tests according to highest priority (refer to Blog 28) you can begin to fill in the Homework/Assignment section of your calendar. Start on the first day of the week and list assignments and corresponding deadlines (for when the assignment is due) that you plan to work on that day.  Decide how much time you should designate to that particular assignment, and make a note of it. Continue this process for each day of the week until your weekly homework schedule is filled and every assignment and test is accounted for. Think of your homework schedule as a daily ‘To Do’ list for school and stick to it. Instead of procrastinating or panicking, you can get right down to your work. Remember to schedule in some 10-15 minute breaks if you need to.

  Homework/Assignment Official Due Date Your Due Date Time to Spend Complete

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