Creating a Healthier School

According to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website, “good food, daily physical activity and a healthy environment that supports learning and growth are vital to helping students reach their full potential” ( For this reason, the Ministry has provided school boards with funding to help students create a healthier learning environment. The Healthy Schools initiative encourages students to make a difference at their schools by:

  • Sharing ideas, energy and creativity
  • Leading activities focused on creating healthier schools
  • Becoming more involved in their school and education experience

The Ministry website provides tools for students, parents and teachers to implement the Healthy Schools program. These include:

  • Working Towards a Healthier High School – 6 Steps for Student
  • Healthy Schools – Information for Parents
  • Foundations for a Healthy School

The Ministry is working towards laying the foundations for healthy schools that have:

  • Quality instruction and programs
  • A healthy physical environment
  • A supportive social environment and
  • Community partnerships


To find out more about the foundations for healthy schools and the various health-related topics that are considered, visit:


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