Life After High School: Ontario Prospects (Part 1)

Attention students! Do you know what you will be doing after high school? For many students, this is a simple question that is easily answered. For others, it is the most anxiety-inducing question one could ask! In this day and age, with so many career opportunities and options for students, it has become increasingly difficult to choose a path for life after high school. On average, students of this generation will undergo 5-10 career changes throughout their lives, so a 30-40 year career in one industry is no longer the norm.

Given the limitless possibilities for post-secondary endeavours, it’s not surprising that many young people are unsure about their ‘next steps’. Fortunately, Ontario’s Ministry of Education recognizes the growing need for career planning and support in its education system and curriculum. For example, the Ministry develops and distributes an annual career planning guided titled “Ontario Prospects” for secondary students, educators, job counsellors and anyone else interested in career information.

The guide is divided into sections that ask the reader to consider: 
• Who you are
• What you need
• Where you can go
• How you can get there

Each section of the guide is comprised of various articles, stories, and information about self-assessment, job search preparation, the labour market and postsecondary destinations. In addition to pointing students in the direction of apprenticeship programs, colleges and universities in Ontario, the guide also provides examples of alternative opportunities and information for distance education and private career colleges.

“Ontario Prospects” is the ultimate career planner for students in Ontario. If you need help deciding what to do next, it’s a great place to learn about what careers are in demand and how to embark on a path that matches your interests, strengths and goals. To view the interactive pamphlet or download the PDF document, visit


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