Life After High School (Part 2)

Life after high school…what is next? There are so many exciting opportunities for students these days – internships, study abroad exchanges, work to learn co-ops, college and university studies, and skilled trade training programs to name  just a few. If you’re considering taking on post-secondary training or education in Ontario, the following information should help you begin your planning.

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has a great website to help you explore various post secondary opportunities in the province ( Here you can learn more about apprenticeship programs, employment in Ontario, colleges, universities, and post secondary education funding. 

If you are considering going to college in Ontario, there are currently 24 colleges of Applied Arts and Technology that offer full and part time courses at more than 100 locations across the province. Many colleges offer apprenticeship and certification programs for skilled trades people such as electricians, welders, or chefs. If you want to work in the skilled trades sector, Employment Ontario ( has services across Ontario to help you become an apprentice. Some colleges offer co-operative education programs that allow students to work in their chosen field of study (“Earn as you Learn” co-op work terms are paid). Visit Education at Work for additional information about co-op programs:

If you are considering postsecondary studies at a university, you may want to explore the various degree programs offered by the 20 publicly funded universities in Ontario. Continuing education programs, certificates, distance and part-time programs are also offered at many universities across the province. For more information about university programs in Ontario, visit the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities website. You can also learn about university programs by visiting eINFO, a complete online guide to Ontario universities for secondary school students:


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