Applying To Universities: Where do I begin?

Attention graduating or recently graduated students! Are you considering applying to university? If so, the following information will help you get started. Your school has a plethora of resources and materials available for you; talk to your guidance counselors and teachers to get input and direction. If there is a ‘University Fair’ or if your school has scheduled visits from university administrators, attend them to find out more information about post-secondary studies in Ontario.

If you decide to apply to university, one of the best resources is the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC), which is the centralized processing office for applications for undergraduate admission to the universities of Ontario. You can find information about Ontario’s universities and apply online; your application will be processed and transferred to the schools of your choice. 

For students currently in Ontario Secondary Schools, the OUAC 101 link on the OUAC website is what you will use to navigate the online application system ( Here you can browse through the various universities in Ontario and click on links to view the programs offered at each school. You can also browse by geographic area or program grouping (i.e. arts, forestry, nursing etc) for corresponding links to schools that offer specific programs.

If you are hoping to attend university next fall, keep in mind that you will need to submit your application by January 12, 2011.  According to the OUAC site, applications received after this date will still be processed and distributed, however specific university deadlines will apply. The online application will include the collection of all final grades from previously completed Grade 11 and 12 courses and a list of all current-year courses in progress. The New Year is just around the corner so if you are considering applying, act now!


One thought on “Applying To Universities: Where do I begin?

  1. It’s that time of the year again, and I am applying this weekend. I still need to make sure I want to go in physics or engineering. Really a hard choice to make especially when you are only 17 and people expect you to choose your career at this age. Nice post btw


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