Preparing for Exams

For many high school students in Ontario, ‘tis the season for exams! As you begin to plan your study schedule (in order to accommodate your social schedule), consider the following tips to help you effectively prepare for your finals.

• Study Habits – By this point in the school year, you will likely have developed study habits; studying should be a daily or nightly occurrence. Ideally, you have set yourself up with a quiet space where you can ‘hit the books’ regularly. Use this time and space to review your notes and prepare for exams well before they are due to be written.

• Time Management- Create a study schedule to manage your time effectively. Optimize the time that you have to study before the exam. Avoid last minute cramming at all costs! (For tips on creating a study schedule refer to our previous blog: Assignment Overload Part 2: How To Create a Homework Schedule

• Familiarize Yourself with the Format and Structure of the Exam- You should have a fairly good idea of what the exam should look like before you sit down to write it. If it’s an exam with essay questions, you should review your notes for possible questions or ask your teacher for examples. There’s a good chance that the essay question will be one that you have addressed at some point in the course. Practice writing essay drafts or outlines for possible exam questions. Consider the length of the essay as well as the format or structure of the essay. You may find that brainstorming before writing is helpful tool. If it’s a math exam that you’re facing, rewrite previous tests and focus particularly on questions that you found difficult. Many textbooks provide chapter reviews and review tests. Use these to develop your test writing skills and prepare for the final exam.

Stay tuned for a follow up blog about Exam Writing Tips!


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