Presenting a Research Report

If you read the previous blog, Creating a Research Report: Getting Started,  you are probably aware the presentation of the information you gathered for your report is almost, if not equally, as important as the knowledge you acquired.  As with any school project, there are ways in which a student can excel at presenting their work to a teacher or class. Consider the following guidelines and try to incorporate them into your next presentation:

  • Refrain from reading off of your paper or notes; instead, become familiar with the material you are presenting. This way you can knowledgeably talk about your topic.


  • Practice your presentation in front of a mirror – or better yet, practice in front of family members or peers.


  • When you are presenting, maintain eye contact with your audience members as frequently as possible. Your audience will feel connected and interested in what you have to say.


  • Avoid using a monotonous speaking voice. Instead, vary your pitch, intonation and volume level (this will keep your audience awake!).


  • Be conscious of your body language – remember that most of our communication is non-verbal. People will ‘read’ your body language as you present. Stand confidently and gesture appropriately.


  • If you are using visuals (i.e. diagrams, graphs, lists, etc.), make copies for your teacher and or classmates so they can follow along. Also, avoid relying entirely on visuals or media to ‘present’ your information. Instead, use them to add to and emphasize your presentation as necessary.


  Last but not least, smile and look confident. Even if you are nervous, try to appear calm and assured.


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