March Break

For most high school students, the March Break is a welcome holiday from the stresses of school. Many students use the week (or two for some!) to go on vacation, relax, socialize and have some ‘down time’. For other students, the week off provides some much needed time to catch up on outstanding schoolwork and assignments. Regardless of where you plan to spend your March Break, you can always find ways to keep your brain active and stay on top of your school commitments. Here are some suggestions:

Reading – if you’re planning on taking a vacation, bring a book along. Long car rides (or flights) are prime times for reading. If you plan to be on the beach all day, take your book with you! If you’ve got reading to catch up on for school, the March Break is a perfect time to do so. If you’re all caught up, now’s the time to start reading for leisure! Pick up a book that you’ve been waiting to read or ask your friends for some good book suggestions

Writing – get your creative juices flowing with some journaling over the holiday. If you are planning a trip or vacation, consider keeping a travel journal –record your sightseeing activities and memorable experiences. If you’re staying closer to home and find that you have more time on your hands, you may want to develop your poetry and creative writing skills.  

Volunteer Hours – if you haven’t yet completed your compulsory 40 hours of community work, the March Break is a great time to volunteer. If you’re hoping to do some volunteer work over the holiday, be sure to make the arrangements beforehand

Catch Up– if you are falling behind and overwhelmed by schoolwork, the March Break is an optimal time to catch up. Use the week to complete assignments and get back on track!


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