Learning Multiplication Facts (the Fun Way!)

Now that your child is ready to learn multiplication facts, it’s important to make it a fun and engaging activity.

Certain facts, such as multiplying by zero, one, two, five and ten have some tricks to help students remember. You can go over the following tricks with your child. Any number multiplied by zero is zero, and any number multiplied by one is that number. Numbers multiplied by two are doubled. Most students are comfortable with counting up by fives and tens, so they usually remember facts associated with those numbers. Once your child has those sets of facts down, you can also point out that the order of numbers in multiplication doesn’t matter, so they’ve already learned some facts with fours, eights, etc. But what about multiplying by tougher numbers, such as seven or eight?

New research shows that associating multiplication facts with songs is an effective way for students to remember them (read about it here: http://bit.ly/hLey7O). A lot of studies support the idea that music helps us remember facts – just think about how you can sing the lyrics to  a song that you haven’t heard in years! There are a wealth of videos and songs that sing out the multiplication facts. In fact, one band of teachers is hitting the big leagues with its educational songs about multiplication, decimals, even prefixes (read about it here: http://bit.ly/gKaoiB). Websites such as teachertube.com and schooltube.com have an abundance of multiplication raps.

Aside from music, interactivity helps students remember facts as well. Timez Attack is a free game that teaches students their multiplication facts while battling trolls and catching snails (www.TimezAttack.com). There are also plenty of multiplication games on the internet that can help your children learn while engaging them and making it fun.

There is a wealth of multiplication resources today that weren’t available to us ten or twenty years ago. Learning multiplication facts can be fun and there are plenty of tools online that can help you and your child excel at reaching this mathematical milestone.


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