Tips for Resume Writing (for High School Students)

Writing a resume is no easy task! In fact, it can be just as daunting as writing an essay or assignment for school. Summer is just around the corner and the last thing you want to be worried about is crafting the perfect resume. Well, relax high school students! Just follow these tips and you’ll be golden….

  • Be sure to include your correct contact information – i.e. email address, mailing address and phone number – at the top of your resume
  • Always submit your resume with a cover letter (refer to the follow up blog for tips on cover letter writing)
  • Make it look nice – your resume should have an eye-catching layout and design with adequate white space
  • Use active words to describe your skills and abilities
  • Decide on your job objective before you begin drafting your resume
  • Quality not quantity – avoid paragraphs and instead stick to short, simple bulleted sentences that start with action verbs
  • Do your research! If you’re applying to a specific job or field, find out what experience, education and skills are required and try to reflect these in your resume. Identify key words by looking at similar job postings and resumes
  • Work history- start with your most recent employment experience. List all of your work experiences to date
  • List your experience and education with the most recent at the top, and then continue in backwards chronological order
  • Avoid listing hobbies and interests unless they’re relevant
  • Stick to 1-2 pages and use 10+ font size

One thought on “Tips for Resume Writing (for High School Students)

  1. Do not bullet everything on your resume. Only bullet achievements, results, and things about which you are proud. Limit your description of duties. Most of the comments here are truly relevant. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a professional – it’s an investment in your future. If you are searching in the same field, it is tax deductible.


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