Breaking Down the EQAO Primary and Junior Division Tests

In our last blog, we talked about the grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO tests that measure a student’s knowledge of grade level standards for reading, writing and math. But what do these tests look like for students? Well, both the Primary and Junior Division tests are quite similar in terms of format. Of course, the grade 6 test contains more difficult material than the grade 3 one, but both exams engage similar skill-sets in reading and writing.

            There are three test booklets for the exam: two language booklets and one math booklet. The Language 1 Student Booklet focuses mostly on reading comprehension – it contains three reading passages (two at the beginning and one at the end of the booklet), as well as a short essay. Each reading passage has four multiple choice questions and two short answer questions pertaining to the information in the passage. The Language 2 Student Booklet has a longer reading passage (between 2-3 pages) and ten multiple choice questions, as well as two short-answer questions. After that, there are four multiple choice questions about the mechanics of writing, such as punctuation and grammar. The second half of the Language 2 Booklet, section D,  usually contains a chart or poster.  The student must answer four multiple choice and two short-answer questions about interpreting the picture. Then there is another written section.

            The math booklet is composed of 36 questions, both multiple choice and open-answer. Each booklet has questions that are related to the corresponding grade 3 and grade 6 standards. Make sure that when your child answers an open-answer question, he or she shows all of his or her work in order to get full credit.

            To sum up, the grade 3 and grade 6 EQAO tests consist of a reading section, a writing section and a math section that test students on the skills that they should have acquired by the end of their grade. If you have any further questions, you can visit the EQAO website:


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