Summer Opportunities for Students

Attention teenagers! Summer is just around the corner – have you thought about how you will keep busy? Maybe you have travel plans or you perhaps you’re just looking forward to relaxing and hanging out with friends.  Although it may sounds like a good plan, keep in mind that ‘hanging out’ can get old pretty quickly. Why not find something exciting to do this summer?

There are many camps in and around the Toronto area that are looking for campers as well as counselors. Working at a camp can be a great way to meet other teens, keep active and earn some cash at the same time!  There are all kinds of camps that you can get involved in – adventure camps, wilderness camps, paintball camps, sports camps, etc; find one that suits your fancy and enroll early to secure your spot. For a list of summer camps for teens, visit If you’re looking for a summer job, visit for a list of camps that are looking to train and hire counselors.

If you’re looking for other summer employment opportunities, the Toronto Public Library has a great website – the RAMP website for youth ( – which provides links to part-time, full-time and summer contract jobs. As well as job listings, the RAMP site also has tips for resume writing and job searching. The RAMP site also provides links to youth workshops, programs, student exchange and volunteer opportunities. If you haven’t completed your 40 hours of volunteer service that are required for graduation, the summer is a great time to get involved in your community.

Plan an exciting summer for yourself – you’ve earned it! Take a look at the links and line up something fun this summer!


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