Graduation Gift Ideas

It’s almost here! The time that high school seniors dream about … Graduation is upon us! Many students work hard to get to graduation, and their hard work should not go unnoticed. Along the same vein, many parents may be stressing out about what kind of gift to give to their graduate. Here are some ideas to help you express your love and appreciation for this momentous occasion:


  • College-themed gifts: If your graduate is off to college, he or she might want some essentials to get started. A laundry basket full of clean sheets, laundry detergent and static sheets would be very helpful to a student who has never done laundry before. A laptop would serve double-duty by helping your graduate do work as well as stay in touch with you (and it would most likely be highly appreciated). A photo album, filled with pictures of family and friends, would be a great sentimental gift that could travel well and never go out of style. Other gifts, such as luggage, new bags, clothes and closet organizers, would also be excellent ways to show support for your graduate.
  • Joboriented gifts: If you know that your graduate is actively seeking a job, it would be nice to give him or her some helpful gifts. A session with a resume-writing service could be a great way to spice up that CV and prepare to look for work. A new briefcase or attaché would be very useful to a freshly employed young adult. Along the same lines new work clothes, such as dress shirts, pants and blazers, would help students transition into the role of a Professional.
  • Miscellaneous: There are a range of other gifts that would make the day even more special, such as a graduation lunch or dinner, a surprise party, cards, balloons, flowers, or even an extra loud cheer when your graduate steps across the stage.

 Happy graduation!


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