Heading Back to School on the Right Foot

The adjustment from carefree summer days to the school-day schedule in September can be a smooth transition if you
help your child get ready with the following


About two weeks before school begins, start getting your child up at the same
time that he will need to wake up on school days so he will be used to that schedule.  In addition, make sure he is going to
bed early enough to get a good night’s rest. It is recommended that children
from 3 to 6 get 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night and kids 7 to 12 need 10 to
11 hours.


Discuss any changes that will be happening such as a going to a new school, having
a new teacher, moving up a
grade, changing subjects,
or meeting of new
friends. Your child will feel more at ease if she knows what to
expect and is aware that she has you to
talk to about any concerns she may have.


Set up a study schedule and homework area so that your child will have a
designated time and place to do homework and study. Whether it is before
dinner, right after school, or following after school activities, having study
time built into the schedule will promote strong study habits and
responsibility with homework. Setting up a work area can be a fun job for
students! Ask your child what supplies will be needed, and ensure that there
is adequate lighting, and a desk or table to work on. If your child
likes to work at the kitchen table, get a box or magazine file for the supplies needed so that these
materials can easily be brought to, and taken away from, this type of homework


Figure out your morning routine, and how much time you and your child need to
get ready so that you are not in
a mad rush to get out the door. Think about making bagged lunches before you go
to bed, designate a spot near the door for backpacks, and leave enough time for
a healthy breakfast.


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