Part 2: How to Get Involved in Your School Community

If you are a senior student, you are likely well aware of the various extracurricular activities and programs that are offered at your school. However, if you have just entered grade 9, or perhaps transferred from a different school, you might not know about the types of after-school clubs or committees that are available for you to join. So, how do you find out about these opportunities? A good starting place is to ask teachers, guidance counsellors and the Students’ Council for advice and suggestions.


You will also notice, while walking the halls or snacking in the cafeteria, that many after-school teams and clubs post announcements and flyers with information about the next practice, game or meeting. Another way to be ‘in the know’ is to listen to the morning announcements for information about extracurricular activities. If you keep your eyes peeled and ears open, you will soon have a fair idea of what is offered at your school in terms of extracurricular activities.


If you find that your school is lacking a particular club or committee, you can always create one! With the help and support of the Students’ Council and a few interested peers, you can start a knitting club, an environmental committee, an LGBT group, or whatever you feel is lacking from, or would improve your school community. Organizing a group of like-minded peers to focus on an activity that you all find interesting and exciting will definitely have its benefits!


Becoming involved in your school community is a great way to explore your interests, develop team and leadership skills, and build friendships.


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