Packing Lunch for School

The backpacks are packed. Homework’s complete. What about the lunch bag? What are you sending the kids to school with? Packing lunch can be tricky. For some it’s a struggle to find the time, for others it may be a fight with the kids. Here are a few helpful tips to get lunch together: 


  1. Prepare Lunch the Night Before: If you struggle with getting started in the morning, give yourself a break and get organized the night before. Do as much as you can in advance to make assembly easy in the morning. Take some time to chop up some veggie sticks or put fruit in little containers. Make this part of your evening routine after dinner every night.
  2. Ask the Kids What They Like: Involving your kids gives them a shared responsibility for their diets and lets them know that you care about their ever changing tastes. Try posting a whiteboard in the kitchen and inviting your kids to write a list of their favourite foods under their name. You may be surprised to learn what they like. The deal is that they have to eat everything in the bag so long as one favourite item makes the cut.
  3. Let them Choose: Giving your kids choice empowers them to make decisions that influence them every day. Try letting you kids choose one fruit, one vegetable and one treat to accompany their lunch each day. You still get to control the main, but they get to be involved.
  4. Label Your Containers: Reusable containers seem to be attracted to the black hole of no return. Label each container with your child’s name to limit the loss. There are loads of programs to help you design and print your own labels. Involve your kids, so they can personalize their labels with their own personal flare!
  5. Be Eco-Friendly: Many schools are making great green efforts, limiting the amount of waste we produce. Some schools have no trash policies or are involved in the “Boomerang Lunch” initiative, where everything brought in a student’s lunch, boomerangs or comes back home. You can help your child participate in these efforts by packing lunch with reusable containers and bottles instead of plastic baggies and disposable bottles.

For more information on getting organized for school contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space 416.925.1225 or visit


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