Homework That Helps: Review!

Whether you’re an elementary or secondary school student, establishing an effective homework routine will bode well for future studies. Secondary school students in particular should set aside some time each day to complete assigned homework, review coursework, organize notes and plan for upcoming tests and assignments. Although you may not have ‘homework’ every night, it is still good practice to schedule time to work in a quiet space with minimal distractions and use the time to get on top of your schoolwork.


Reviewing your coursework and class notes is an excellent way to garner a fuller understanding of the material that you’re studying, and it’s a study skill that will be especially valuable in college and university. Depending on the subject and the assignment that you’re working on, there are various review strategies that you can put into place. For social science and English courses for example, you might want to review the literature – re-read a chapter of the novel or textbook and make a note of important points, topics or characters. Since the task of reviewing is intended to help you develop a broader understanding of the topic, it is helpful to know the material in context and appreciate how it relates to other terms and facts.


One of the most effective ways of reinforcing your learning is to regurgitate your knowledge – once you’ve reviewed the material, explain it to a peer or family member. In discussing, or ‘re-teaching’ the topic to someone else, you’ll consider other opinions, develop a more sophisticated understanding of context and question what you already know. Another means of solidifying your knowledge is to write about it. When you finish reviewing a chapter or class notes, take the time to write down everything you know about it – you can do this through a point-form list of important details, or through informal or formal essay writing.


These review strategies help to keep you on top of your studies and also prepare you for future lessons and learning. Stay tuned for a follow up blog on review strategies for math coursework, tests and exams.



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