Homework That Helps: Review for Math

As mentioned in the previous blog, there are a variety of review strategies that can be applied to different school subjects and tasks. Whether you’re reviewing for the sake of review, completing assigned homework, preparing for future lessons, or studying for a test or exam, there are different ways to review the material. Similarly, there are different approaches to tackling certain subject areas – you won’t necessarily review or study for an English exam in the same way that you would a math exam. Given that the previous blog provided some strategies for review of social studies and English coursework, the following will discuss some effective tactics for reviewing and studying mathematics.


One of the most effective ways to review for math is to re-do questions that you’ve already worked on. Use your textbook to re-visit the questions provided and work through them again to reinforce your understanding of the steps and formulas applied to achieve the correct answer. The more practice the better, so try to find additional questions to work through – visit your local library for other grade appropriate textbooks with similar material or look online for more practice questions. By repetitively solving similar problems, you’ll come to better understand the concepts involved.


Math skills are like building blocks – you need to fully understand the concepts and skills before you move on to the next learning step. If you’re having difficulty with a particular concept, go back and re-learn the material. Perhaps the teacher’s notes aren’t sufficient to provide the full picture, if this is the case, work with a fellow classmate or ask a parent or guardian to re-teach the material to you. If you’re an auditory learner, you may want to record your teacher’s lectures and listen to them later as a means of review. If you find an alternative textbook, you might discover that a different approach or explanation is helpful for your understanding.


When reviewing for a math test or exam, it is always beneficial to complete the chapter review tests in your textbook. Approach these review tests as though you are in a testing scenario – set a timer, minimize distractions and complete the review as you would an actual test. This strategy will also help reduce test-anxiety when it comes time for the exam.


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