Academic New Year’s Resolutions


                2012 has arrived! Happy New Year to you and yours! This is the time of year for new beginnings and fresh starts. What New Year’s resolutions have you made for yourself? Most common resolutions reflect commitments to fitness or commitments for self improvement. Why not include your schooling in your resolution efforts? How can you resolve yourself to be a more dedicated learner? What can you do to better organize yourself? What are the areas for growth that you can work on this year?


                Here are some examples of New Year’s resolutions that you can try on for size. Maybe one of them will inspire you as we move into the New Year.

  • I will not procrastinate this year.
    This is a great time management resolution. A tangible way to achieve this goal is to use your agenda and set milestones, working backwards from a deadline. Look at your calendar and set objectives for yourself like, “I will start researching on this date”, “I will have a first draft completed by this date”, and “I will give my assignment to my mom to proof read by this date”. With this series of milestones in place, you’ll avoid the stress of starting and completing an assignment the night before it’s due.
  • I will spend more time studying this year.
    This resolution is a fantastic academic goal. Make reasonable commitments to review your notes daily and schedule time for yourself to review before quizzes, tests and exams. With a greater investment in study time, you will reap the benefits of time well spent.
  • I will work on staying organized this year.
    It is a good idea to make a commitment to personal organization. If you struggle with keeping your room, your desk, your backpack or your binders organized, set a weekly time to sort through your belongings and put everything back in its place.


As the year wears on and you polish these skills, find ways to progressively improve them. Try to perfect your agenda use, increase the time you spend reviewing or find ways to stay organized without a weekly set time.


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