Interpreting the Secondary School Provincial Report Card: Part 2

Continued from last week’s blog.


The Ontario Provincial Report Cards are designed to demonstrate a student’s achievement at particular times during the school year or semester. Student attending semestered schools can expect two report cards throughout the year – one in the middle of term, (October/November) and one at the end (June).  Students at non-semestered schools will received a report card three times a year – one in the fall, one in the spring and one at the end of the year.


In each reporting period, the student’s attendance and punctuality will be recorded. On the first report card, the total number of classes missed, as well as the total number of times the student has been late are recorded next to the teacher’s comments. On the second and final report cards, the cumulative totals for both absences and lates are recorded.


Also new to the provincial report cards this year is a tear-off section for students to include comments about their progress. Students are encouraged to reflect on “[their] best work” and “[their] goal for improvement”. Students are expected to sign the document, have a parent/guardian acknowledge receipt of the report card (along with a request for dialogue with the teacher if necessary), and return it to school administrators.


The revised provincial report cards are fairly transparent and easy to understand – they even include a comprehensive breakdown of terms and achievement levels on page 4. If you run into any difficulties interpreting the report cards when they come home this fall, consult the Ministry documents for further information:


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