iPads as Teaching Tools

iPads as Teaching Tools

In our last blog, we recommended some great apps that provide tremendous educational value for students. As we prepare to roll out our new iPad technology at RRLS, we wanted to share some of the other educational uses for these amazing gadgets.

Beyond apps, there is another set of teaching opportunities that an iPad provides. In addition to some great educational apps, RRLS will be using software that turns iPads into interactive whiteboards. This allows our teachers to create a lesson on their desktop (using SMARTboard software or MS PowerPoint) and then access the lesson through the iPad. Once the lesson is displayed on the iPad, students are able to use their fingers (or a stylus) to mark on the iPad screen. They can solve math problems, sort shapes into a Venn diagram, or mark syllables to help them read a word. This interactivity will be a tremendous boost for technology-loving students who need a change from pencil and paper work. It also allows our Learning Specialists the freedom to differentiate lessons for different learning styles. Visual learners can enhance, manipulate, and animate the screen, auditory learners can narrate their work while the iPad records and then play it back to review, and tactile learners benefit from the physical interactivity and manipulation on the screen.

The record feature of the interactive whiteboard has even further possibilities. Our teachers will now be able to share students’ work with parents “live”, allowing parents to really understand how (and what) their child is learning. This historical record will also impact the student. Having the ability to review their recorded work will allow students to reflect on their learning, developing the metacognitive skills that play such a critical role in successful learning.

For more information about iPads, individualized learning and academic support, contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (416) 925-1225 or visit http://www.ruthrumack.com.


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