Grade 9 EQAO Math FAQs

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Grade 9 EQAO Math FAQs
Some students have their Grade 9 EQAO Math test coming up, and some don’t. Why is that? Read below for answers to questions you may have about this high school milestone.
Is my child writing the test in January?
Since students take the test upon completion of the mandatory Grade 9 Math course, they write the Grade 9 EQAO Math test in either January or June, depending on which semester they take Grade 9 Math. This is to provide assessment on content in the Grade 9 Math curriculum.
When is the test being written?
Grade 9 students in Ontario (who took Math in first semester) will be writing the test between January 10th and January 25th. Contact your school for more specific dates.
Will they get their EQAO results? What will their results include?
Yes. Each student will get their EQAO results directly from their school. These results will include:
• A Level from 1-4
• Previous results from Grade 3 and 6 tests (if written)
• General next steps for their learning
• The percentage of students in their school, the school board, and the province achieving at grade expectations from the last 3 years of test results
• Student responses to questions about their attitudes about math at a school, board, and provincial level
• A percentage breakdown of students in their school achieving at each level, in the academic and applied stream


Do their results count towards their grades?
Teachers have the choice of applying Grade 9 EQAO math results to a portion of the students’ final grades. Students should ask teachers if this is the case, or reference their course syllabus.


For more information, visit the EQAO site for parent resources at . For more information on preparing for the EQAO or other individualized learning plans, contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at (416) 925-1225 or visit



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