The Benefits of Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have become increasingly prevalent in schools as they have gained popularity among school-aged children and adults alike. In addition to their wide-spread appeal, graphic novels also have many benefits, including:

1. Reluctant readers who may have reading challenges are often motivated by graphic novels. The combination of interesting images that offer visual cues and text that is broken up into small chunks helps to keep these readers motivated and aids in the transition from image-centric books to more text-based books.

2. A study conducted by the International Reading Association (2010) showed that graphic novels can increase a pre-teen boy’s value of reading, reading engagement, and reading motivation.

3. In a media-centric world, graphic novels help all readers to learn to effectively analyse and interpret images, ultimately leading to increased visual literacy.
If you are looking to invest in some highly-rated graphic novels for your child, consider the following:

Ages 5+:
Gramp & Julie: Shark Hunters, by Jef Czekaj (ISBN-13 ~ 978-1891830525)
The Courageous Princess, by Rod Espinosa (ISBN-13 ~ 978-1593077198)

Ages 7+:
Eek and Ack Vs The Wolfman, by Blake A. Hoena (ISBN-13 ~ 978-1434211897)
Amelia Rules: The Whole World’s Crazy, by Jimmy Gownley (ISBN-13 ~ 978-1416986041)

Ages 10+:
Ghostopolis, by Doug Tennapel (ISBN-13 978-0545210287)
Salt Water Taffy Vol. 1: The Legend of Old Salty, by Matthew Loux (ISBN-13 ~ 978-1932664942)

Ages 12+:
Graphic Classics: Mark Twain, by Mark Twain and Eureka Productions (ISBN-13 ~ 978-0978791926)
Kid Beowulf and the Song of Rowland, by Alexis E Fajardo (ISBN-13 ~ 978-0980141924)

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