Jump Start Vocab Learning for the SSAT!

If you’re already thinking about your young student writing the SSAT entrance exam for next fall, you are in a good place. Taking the steps to prepare in advance will not only give you more effective and long-lasting skills, but will alleviate much of the stress closer to the exam date.

One of the sections on the SSAT where this is particularly helpful is the synonym section. Many of the words in this section would stump an educated adult, let alone a grade 6 student, so introducing new and interesting vocabulary throughout the year will benefit any test taker.

Not sure where to start?

•Try a new board game. The game Synonyms helps all ages to wrack their brain thinking of synonyms for words, in the same out-of-context way that the SSAT tests students. Positive reviews comment that this game can be adapted to even out ability level with easy, medium, and hard vocabulary.

•Word-a-day calendars also have the benefit of learning tricky new words, one day at a time, and often have cute visuals to help the meaning stick. Writing in December? There’s a potential of adding 150+ words before then!

•Apps for iPads and smart phones also have games helpful to learning new vocabulary. GRE Wordly, (free) while aimed at high school students, has many words that are tested on the middle level SSAT. Same Meaning Magic ($0.99) can be adjusted to grade level, and has a more kid-friendly graphics style and game format, while presenting options in a multiple choice format.
If your child makes an early effort to play with and learn new words, they will not only see increased results in the Verbal section, but will save hours of cramming closer to the date!

To purchase Synonyms from Amazon: http://amzn.to/UfJslV

For more information about preparing for the SSAT, contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (416) 925-1225 or visit http://www.ruthrumack.com.


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