The Value of Art

3 year old Michael discovers the joy of stain painting, and his love of the colour orange!
3 year old Michael discovers the joy of stain painting, and his love of the colour orange!
This week at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Centre, the sounds of enthusiastic young artists fill the halls as our young “Mini Masters” day campers explore surrealism, texture, and more.

Most parents can appreciate the idea that it’s important for children to participate in art simply for the sake of art – the pure enjoyment of getting your hands dirty and creating something that is uniquely yours. It’s impossible to deny once your child holds up her first masterpiece with her paint-stained hands and declares, “I made this!”

Yet there are countless other reasons why teaching art to children is so valuable:

• Art helps children to make sense of the world around them and to learn about other cultures and experiences that they may otherwise not be exposed to.
• Art teaches children how to make value judgments and how to discern what is important in their lives.
• Art strengthens children’s powers of observation.
• Creating an art project assists children in developing problem solving skills.
• Art allows children to give form and shape to their ideas and feelings.
• By creating art, children develop aesthetic understanding, coordination, concentration, and self-esteem.
• Art teaches children practical skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving, woodworking, etc.
• Learning about art teaches children about the elements of design and composition.
• Through art, children can better understand the principles of colour and colour mixing.

Add to all of that the thrill of plunging your hands into fresh clay or gliding a colourful, dripping paintbrush along a blank canvas and it’s easy to see why parents and children alike are eager to delve into the wonderful world of art!

For more information on art programs available at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space, please call (416) 925-1225 or visit


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