Trouble with Spelling? The Wilson Reading System Can Help

Perhaps it is the instant access to spell check or the popularity of text lingo that is taking over, but it seems as though the art of spelling just isn’t as much of a priority for young learners these days.

For students who have not internalized the sound and syllable system for reading, reading and writing can be extremely laborious tasks that are often rejected, avoided, and faked by the learner. Escalating in severity each year, a reading deficit can become a life-long struggle if not appropriately addressed and managed. At Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space, we are proud to be using the Wilson Reading System as a remedial reading program to support students with this challenge.

The Wilson Reading System is a research-based, Direct Instruction program developed for students who struggle with decoding and spelling. Based on the Orton-Gillingham principles, the program serves students Grade 2+, especially those who respond well to multisensory language instruction.

Combined with a strong literature component, the Wilson Reading System emphasizes the mastery of decoding and encoding skills gained through multisensory lessons and tightly controlled activities. Concepts are taught step-by-step, starting with the production and identification of individual letter sounds and later transitioning into controlled text. As students move though the program, their achievement is closely measure, evaluated, and documented. This evidence-based approach is one of the key features of the 12 Step program.

At Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space, students learning and practising with the WRS have shown significant improvement and increased confidence. Instructors use clear, explicit methods of teaching that focus on learners and their individual needs. Concepts are presented cumulatively, building one step onto the next. Students are engaged, active, and given optimal opportunity to practise and reinforce their new knowledge and skills. With concrete “rules” and guidelines, the Wilson Reading System offers a reliable, systematic formula for reading and spelling that learners understand and trust.

Whether students haven’t developed specific reading skills or have a specific learning deficit, lagging readers and spellers can find relief for their struggles. With the Wilson Reading System, students can master the coding system for reading and spelling, making reading a priority and a joy.

For more information on supporting learners with spelling and reading challenges, please contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225 or visit


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