Math: Online and At Home

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Learning math can be challenging, but there are so many different platforms for students to access new mathematical concepts or to review previous topics.

As youth are particularly drawn to technology, online math games are increasingly popular for students to engage with math topics, and sites are often assigned by teachers to reinforce their classroom lessons. We recommend exploring the following online resources, grouped by age:

Ages 4-7

Toy Theatre

Toy theatre offers educational games for both preschool and primary school age children. Get started with math topics such as counting, shapes, patterns, graphing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, grouping, time, and direction. This website is free and includes games and activities for other learning strands.

Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary introduces children to the concept of numbers, shapes, and sizes through a variety of interactive math games. They will learn to recognize shapes, identify numbers, count through pictures, compare sizes, and more.

Top Marks

Top Marks is a website available through the UK. Its online gaming categories include counting, ordering, sequencing numbers, place value, odd and even, addition and subtraction, times tables, multiplication and division, money, shapes, measure, data handling, and problem solving.

Ages 8-13


This website offers amazing graphics and extraordinary platforms to explore and engage with different mathematical concepts. MathMovesU has a mission to nurture kids’ development of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Its games are designed to be purposeful, connecting math to real-world applications such as music, sports and fashion. It also provides practice worksheets as well as its very own ‘Mathionary’.

Math Playground

Math Playground has a game for every learner. This fantastic website also includes video tutorials for each skill set.  Here, you will also find amazing logic puzzles and an area devoted to problem solving.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time links games from various websites into one easy and safe to use website. This website also offers worksheets and instructional videos compiled from other primary resources. Math Game Time also allows you to filter through games according to grade level. It includes games and activities appropriate for preschool age and early primary years.

Ages 14-19

Math Bits is a website aimed at students in secondary and post-secondary grades. It offers fun and challenging activities in mathematics and computer programming. This website also provides various math tools and lessons to help students develop and consolidate their math skills in a fun way online.


This website is the brainchild of the American National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). It offers online lessons and other interactive activities to engage even the most skeptical of teenagers. Although many of the American Common Core Standards align with Ontario’s curriculum standards, please take note that activities involving measurements will include both imperial units, as well as metric units.

NumberNut provides advanced math and pre-algebra activities and lessons. Students can start at a basic concept for a strand and work through sequential lessons, building upon prior knowledge. This website also offers workbooks and supplementary activities to follow-up each strand.

These online websites are an excellent way to encourage kids to review and engage with their math learning.

For other tips, suggestions, and support in developing your child’s math skills, please contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225 or visit


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