Letter Hunt ‘n’ Match!

eggs 1Some of our younger students are learning letter names and sounds, and those hands-on learners need some fun and excitement to keep them interested! We use the entire office space for letter hunts to add excitement and surprise to an activity where kids can practise discriminating between letters, naming letters, and naming sounds.

For this activity you will need:

  • A laminated alphabet board
  • Plastic egg containers that can be opened and closed
  • Letter to go in the eggs

ABC boardTo begin, create and laminate an alphabet board with the letters that you are currently working on with your student(s). This particular student is just starting to learn the alphabet so their board contains only  A, B, C, D, and, E. For a more advanced student you could include all of the letters of the alphabet.

Next, add letters to match the ones on the board. We used cut up foam and drew the letters on, but bottle caps or scrabble tiles are also a great option.

eggs 2Fill the eggs with the matching letters. These eggs were purchased at a dollar store and are ALWAYS a huge hit with students.

Tip: With Easter approaching there is an abundance of fun eggs to choose from at the dollar store right now!

Next, have students take turns opening the eggs and matching the letters.

You can extend this activity by having students say the letter name and a word that begins with that letter sound. This activity is also a great way for younger students to work on their fine motor skills as they open the eggs and place the letters within the grids on the board.

For students that are motivated by keeping score, you can have kids use different coloured dry-erase markers and circle the letters that they matched,  and then tally up their score to find the winner.

matching lettersOnce the board is full, students can then place the letters back in the eggs, once again saying the sound that the letter makes and a word that begins with that letter, for example, “I am putting away the letter C, it says, C- C – C, and it is the first letter in the word cat.”

For a posted visual to help your student reinforce letter and sound correspondence, check out our new Alphabet Wall Cards on our Teachers Pay Teachers page! Each printable 8.5 x 11 sheet displays an upper and lowercase letter and a key word and image. alphabet wall cards


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