A Sound Shopping Experience

ABC chart

Are you in need of some ‘sound’ retail therapy? Try our ‘sound shopping’ activity and inspire confidence in emergent readers as well as developing decoders. We love phonological awareness skills at RRLS because they empower readers.  Our hands-on and multi-sensory learning of 5 phonological awareness skills (rhyming, blending, segmenting, alliteration, and sound manipulation) is something we strive to incorporate into each early learner’s reading lesson.

 First, display picture cards, toys, or objects containing a focus sound(s) around a room. quilt in treehidden key

A child can then go ‘shopping’ for sounds with a shopping cart or basket. Each cart/basket is designated an initial sound. After the student collects the items beginning with the focus sound of the basket, it’s time to ‘cash out’.

You can then ‘scan’ each item and write a receipt, modeling correct letter formation and spelling.

q words
A ‘shopping receipt’ for Q words

Finally, children can build alliterative sentences with those item words. For an extension, have them come up with their own words that begin with the same sound. Scribe, or have students write and illustrate the alliterative sentence.alliterative sentence

Shopping activities are kinesthetic and lend themselves to cross-curricular integration of math strands.  A little retail therapy can go a long way!

RRLS loves encouraging phonological awareness skills, and has started a crowdfunding campaign to produce and distribute our Alpha-Mania reading program to one million children for free through interactive multimedia platforms. If you need further inspiration on how to incorporate phonological awareness activities into your child’s learning, make sure to visit our blog regularly for creative and engaging suggestions. Or, visit www.ruthrumack.com for information about the campaign and other programs we offer to support language learning.


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