Unleash Your Inner APE

apeEssays can be tough- we know. There’s a lot to remember: thesis statements, body paragraphs, quotations, evidence, and so on.

Don’t sweat; just unleash your inner primate.

Many students don’t know how or forget to provide enough proof to support their arguments.  This leads to a really weak, undeveloped essay and most teachers really don’t like that.

Think about the building blocks of your essays: paragraphs. Every paragraph needs to have an argument, evidence, and explanations.  Now, puff up your chest and do your best King Kong impression. What is all this monkey business, you ask?

You see, here at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space, we have a secret weapon.  He’s a lean, mean, plant-eating, paragraph-writing machine.

ape 2  APE is here to make us all better writers. 

Here’s how:

A     Argue.     State your argument. Make it clear. This can be 1-2 sentences.

P     Prove it.   Prove that you’re right by providing quotations, data, examples, or evidence.

E     Explain it.   Explain to your reader why this is important and how it relates to your overall argument.

So next time you are writing paragraphs, go APE and prepare to become the new king of the jungle.

Still think you need some assistance with your writing?  Contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space to inquire about our newly developed online Essay Coach Program to help!  You’ll be introduced to APE and much more during our extensive, skill-based essay writing programs.


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