Prefixes et Suffixes – Prepare to Succeed (in French!)

stay calm and speak french

When we see or hear a word we don’t know, we guess its meaning, but often with a little help from prefixes and suffixes. Even if we don’t remember learning them in school, we intuitively know what a lot of the prefixes and suffixes we use every day mean, like knowing “re-” at the beginning of a word means again or back, and “-tion” at the end of word implies the word is an action or a state.


The same applies in French! It’s much easier to guess a word’s meaning when we understand the French prefix and/or suffix, and to make it even easier, a lot of the prefixes and suffixes in French are the same as the ones we use in English!

Let’s take “re-”, for example.

“re-” as in “again”: to re-do, for example, is refaire in French (faire = to do)

“re-” as in “back”: to come back, for example, is revenir in French (venir = to come)

The same applies for “-tion”!

fonction – without knowing what this word means, you can already presume it’s a noun.  Can you guess what the word is in English?

And in fact, a lot of the “-tion” words are identical in French!

action, attention, adaptation, accumulation, accusation, combustion, multiplication, manipulation, opposition, production, promotion, proportion, question, solution, tradition, vision, version

See for yourself! Think of a word that ends in “-tion” (or “sion”!) in English, and look up the French equivalent. I bet you’ll find it’s identical!

So many other prefixes and suffixes are the same in both languages, so when you see or hear a word you don’t know, zoom in on the possible prefix and/or suffix and take a guess!

But what about the ones that are not the same in English?

It’s good to learn and keep track of a handful of them, such as “-ment”, which is the typical ending of adverbs in French (the equivalent of “-ly” in English).

Now that you know all of this, are you ready to translate the longest word in the French language?

(It has 25 letters!)


frech speaking dog

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