On Your Mark, Get Set….Syllable Race!

boy running

Are you teaching phonological awareness skills to an active group of kids? All children benefit from developing these skills, which lead them to become confident and fluent readers. Under this umbrella of skills is ‘syllabication’, an understanding that groups of sounds make up larger word parts called syllables, and the ability to hear/count syllables within words. Understanding syllabication is a critical skill that helps children to analyze and breakdown unknown, longer and more complex (multisyllabic) words when learning to decode. One game that gets our motors humming is ‘Syllable Race’, where children practise counting syllables within words.

To play, use large flashcards with either words or images (depending on ability) containing 1 or 2-syllables. With more developed readers, you could include words with 3+ syllables. Shuffle the cards and keep them face down in a pile. Have the child(ren) line up at one end of a room/classroom. Children then take turns flipping the top card and reading the word aloud.  The child then takes one step or hop for each syllable in the word.  The first person to the other end of the room wins!

For more ideas and tips as to how to help improve decoding and other language-learning skills, visit our website www.ruthrumack.com.   Why not get involved and help children around the word become fluent readers? It’s easy! Visit INDIEGOGO to learn more about how you can contribute to our crowdfunding campaign for our early literacy program, ‘Alpha-Mania’.  You can help us achieve our goal of sharing phonological awareness skills with one million children!


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