Tapping into Your Child’s Inner Genuis through Individualized Instruction

Everyone learns differently, just ask Einstein!


A great teacher individualizes her instruction so that each student can tap into his/her inner genius. She plans lessons that leverage the strengths and interests of her student to allow for the most success, while working at the pace of the student. So, what does individualized instruction actually look like? Well, it’s going to look differently for different students- that’s the point! At RRLS we use individualized instruction every day.  Let’s take a look at how we used this teaching strategy to help J unleash his inner genius.

We used his interests:

J is in grade one and is learning about procedural writing. Since he LOVES Minecraft, he chose to write about how to build a structure in Minecraft. He was full of great ideas and was super excited to share them. Here is a look at the final product.

procedural writinf

We figured out how he shares his knowledge best:

J does very well with oral communication. So, we used an application on our tablet called EduCreations that allows students to create short videos using pictures, text, and their voice to tell a story. Below is a screen shot from his video about, “How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich.”

how to make PB and J sandwhich

We create things:

We made hot chocolate! Then, we wrote about the materials that we used and the steps that we took to make it (while sipping our hot cocoa, of course).

How to make cocoa

We display our work:

Don’t we all feel good about ourselves if something that we made is displayed? Here at RRLS, our classroom walls are always filled with student work. Students walk in and see that they have a place where they belong. At home, you could have a rotating display for your child’s work.

displaying art

J learned that he is capable of written expression that is interesting and well-planned.  For more info on helping your child unleash his/her inner genius, contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225 or visit www.ruthrumack.com.


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