Race into Outer Space: Theme-based Board Games Hook Learners!

Girl Astronaut Imagining - Use for Header

Kids are more engaged in learning when activities reflect their interests. One of our budding young readers is into outer space, so we created a full room space-themed board game to pique his interest and practise some specific phonological awareness skills! He was off with a blast in his learning without realizing it in this race into outer space!
This game can be tailored to reinforce all 5 phonological awareness skills, or just one or two at a time. To prepare the game, print out various planet, meteor, and star shapes (we’ve also included some aliens) and laminate them. Each cut-out will represent a place on the game board (which is the floor). On the back of each shape, write a task or command using a dry erase marker. In this version of the game, we were practising with the long /o/ sound.

Here are some sample tasks we included:

Phonological Awareness Task Cards

Don’t forget to include fun commands, like “Move to the next planet.” Or, “Move ahead/go back 3 spaces.”

Phonological Awareness is Out of this World - Pic 2 Game Board 2Lay out the laminated tasks on the floor face down. Begin on the Earth cut-out, and roll a die. The first player walks or hops that many spaces, and then turns over the planet/star to complete the task (it may need to be read to them). Students can either write or call out their answers. If they answer incorrectly, they move back to the spot from which they moved. The first person to Saturn wins! Follow up the activity by going on a word hunt in a space related picture book.

Do you know what else is out of this world? The fact that we have launched a crowd-funding campaign to develop our early literacy ‘Alpha-Mania’  program into multi-media platforms! This phenomenal phonological awareness program will help your young readers soar to the moon and beyond, and we are distributing it to one million children for free! You too can be a part of our multi-media mission. For more information about how you can get involved, visit our INDIEGOGO page, or check out our website.


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