Active, Interactive, and Creative Ways to Practise Spelling Lists!


Does getting your child to practise spelling words leave both of you frustrated? Well, we’ve got the perfect fix! Whether your child is extremely active, visual, tech savy, or chatty and outgoing, here are three fun and fabulous ways to practise spelling, without the drama:


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This game is perfect for kids who love to be active. It simply involves sticking the list of spelling words on the wall on one side of a room and a blank sheet of paper and pencil on the other. Have your child run to the wall with the word list, read the word silently and try to remember the spelling (of the first two syllables, half the word, the whole word, or the first three words, depending on ability), then run to you (at the other wall) and whisper the spelling while you write it down. Record timing and continue to play the game to see if your child can improve both his or her speed and accuracy.



Have your child design personal flashcards for the spelling words. He/she can play with the color, the font, the size of the letters, and even add a picture to each flashcard.To help remember the spelling of the tricky words, he/she could use different colors or fonts for specific parts of the words.


Some children love to show and share their knowledge! Have your child play the role of the teacher and you play the role of the student, and dictate the words to you while you write them down. Write some of them with the letters jumbled or with incorrect letters added to some of the words. Once you are done, it’s the “teacher”‘s turn to correct your work, by comparing your spelling list with the original (correct) one. If your child is confident with most of the words on the list, have him/ her try to correct your “test” without looking at the original list of words.

For other tips, suggestions, and support in developing your child’s spelling or writing skills, please contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225 or visit


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