Making the Most of Story Time

Stuck inside on a rainy summer afternoon? Grab a book with the kids! Story time is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up on a couch or bed and spend some quality family time together. For preschool aged children, it’s also the perfect opportunity to help them develop reading readiness skills.

Mother reading to daughter in tent
Make the most of a rainy summer afternoon!

What is included in ‘reading readiness’?

Print Concepts: Understanding how print works (we read left to right, top to bottom; spaces separate words; periods are meaningful).

What you can do: Point to words as you read them, and have your child to point to the first word on each page.

Phonological awareness: This refers to skills that help children recognize different parts of words, and manipulate them.  The first skill to develop in children is usually rhyming, both recognizing when words rhyme, and creating rhyming pairs.

What you can do: When reading rhyming books (Dr. Seuss, etc.), ask your child to identify rhyming pairs. E.g., “Which words rhyme/have the same ending sounds?” Also, leave off the last word of the sentence and let your child fill in the rhyme.

Alphabetic principle: This is the understanding that letters are symbols for sounds.

What you can do: Use letters in the titles of books and point out when they make the same sound as the start of your child’s name or familiar words. “Green Eggs and Ham. That’s the letter H! It says /h/ like ‘Hannah’!


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