Road Trip Games and Activities to Prevent Summer Slide

Are you and your family going on any long (or short) road trips over the summer? If so, we have got you covered with games you can play with your kids to maximize on that car time and help prevent summer slide (a.k.a “brain drain”).

Math Songs:

Listening to math songs is a great way to help your child learn or consolidate math facts. We suggest the  Rock Your Math Class CD by Intelli-Tunes.

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

Mental Math Facts:

Have kids look for road signs containing numbers and then ask them to manipulate those numbers using the four operations. For example. If your child spots a 90 km/hr speed limit sign have them double the number, then subtract 160, then multiply that number by 2.

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

Licence Plate Add Up:

Have kids child spot license plates and then add up all of the digits. This is a great opportunity to talk about friendly numbers and number bonds. For example, if they are adding up the numbers 7, 3, 8, and 2. they you can point out that 7 and 3 come together to make 10 and so do 8 and 2.

Family Story Creation:

Creating an oral story as a family is a great way for kids to get creative with their ideas. You may want to use the Story Starter app from Scholastic. This app has a story starter ‘machine’ that gives you a location, character, and emotion, for example: a pirate, on a trampoline, who is very tired. Once you have those you can each take turns adding a line to the story. This is a great opportunity to encourage your child to expand on ideas and add details.


Do you have favourite car games/activities for the road? Let us know in the comments! For more information on support student learning over the summer, contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225 or visit our website.


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