Letters Galore!

School is now back in full swing and we have your ultimate guide to helping your little munchkins practise their letters, whether it be learning the names and shapes, ABC order,  beginning to print, or learning letter sounds!

Use an App:

From left to right: Wet-Dry-Try, Heat Wave

There are many fabulous apps out there that can help your children work on correct letter formation and alphabetical order. A couple of our favourites are Wet-Dry-Try and Fun Brain Jr. The Wet-Dry-Try app has children virtually wet the letter on the chalkboard, then ‘dry’ it, and finally write it! This activity replicates  the real-life chalkboard practice used in ‘Handwriting Without Tears’ that uses a chalkboard, chalk, and sponge, but is an easier on-the-go alternative.  Fun Brain Jr. has a variety of games that reinforce ABC order. In particular, we recommend Heat Wave, where children must tap the letters of the alphabet in the correct order to connect sections of pipe that fill up a pool. Perfect for the final few days of summer!

Use Bananagrams:

We LOVE Bananagrams since they can be used in so many fun and educational ways. To work on ABC order and letter sounds,  we suggest having your children lay out the letters of the alphabet using the Bananagrams tiles and then recite each letter name and sound. As an extension, you can take away tiles and have your children figure out which letters are missing.

Use Play-Doh and Letter Stickers:

This multi-sensory approach to learning letter shapes is bound to be a hit with your kids. For this activity you will need letter shaped Play-Doh cutters, Play-Doh, and stickers. Give your kids the supplies and watch them have a blast making and ordering their letters! To extend, kids can work on forming the letter shapes by hand with the Play-Doh.

Use Small Objects:

FullSizeRender (1)

Having your children make letters using small objects practises both letter formation and fine motor skills. Plus, you can use whatever small items you have hanging around the house.

Use an Alphabet Book:


We recently released our “Amazing Alphabet Book” that includes a two page spread for each letter, with activities to reinforce letter formation and sound-symbol correspondence. This book is available for download on our Teachers Pay Teacher page. 

Let use know which of these strategies worked best for your little learners!

For more information on helping your children with letter formation and alphabetical order,  please contact Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space at 416.925.1225 or visit our website.


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