Helpful Math Hints for SSAT Prep! Part 2

Studying for the Quantitative Section of the SSATLast week we shared three helpful hints for how to succeed during the Quantitative section of the SSAT. Today we’ll share the rest.

Write out the Calculations and/or Draw a Diagram

Draw a Picture!

Many students think that they can just do everything in their heads, quickly circle the correct answer and move on. However, this is where you can easily make mistakes and not be able to identify them. The right side of the page in the Quantitative section is usually blank, so it’s the perfect space for you to utilize.

Try Substituting

Try Substituting

Sometimes you can use the multiple choice answers in the question to determine the correct answer.

Check all of the Options and All of your Work

Double Check Your Work!

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the answer that simply looks correct. Read each of the options carefully before you choose your ‘final answer.’

Checking your calculations once before choosing an answer is a great way to save yourself from silly mistakes. Sometimes when we’re working quickly we might miss a step or forget the proper way to complete a problem. Often the answers provided are answers that you could have gotten when making a mistake — very tricky!  So just because your calculations lead to you one of the multiple choice options, does not mean it’s correct!

Don’t Guess

I know we’ve said it a million times already, but whatever you do, don’t guess! On some tests guessing on a multiple choice question is a good idea, but not on the SSAT! The SSAT docks you 1/4 of a point for each incorrect answer, and there is no penalty for not answering. There are times when the process of elimination can help you to guess, but never guess blindly.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the test is might ask you questions about concepts that you haven’t learned yet. DO NOT GUESS! For example, if you have never seen the word, “radius” before, don’t attempt to answer a question that requires you to use the radius in your calculations.

Want to learn more about how to nail the SSAT? Here at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space we offer SSAT group classes, one-on-one instruction, and we also have a newly created SSAT Preparation Workbook! One of our knowledgeable Learning Specialists will teach you the ins and outs of the SSAT so that you can apply your skills with our tried, tested, and true strategies!  


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