Throwback Summer Reads – Tween Edition


We hope you enjoyed last week’s blog on summer reads for kids. This week, we want to share with you some great books for tweens and teens that we loved reading growing up. We promise these suggestions are still relevant to teens today and won’t induce eye-rolling. Did we miss your favourite coming-of-age novel? If so, share in the comments section below or tweet us! #throwbackreads

1. Ronia the Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren

A book about a girl who is the only child of a band of robbers. Chaos ensues when she sparks a friendship with the son of a rival band member.

Grade 5 and up

2. Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt


A book about the journey (both emotional and literal) of four siblings who brave through a tough situation to find a new home.

Grade 7 and up

3. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

Are You There, God- It's Me, Margaret
The story of a young girl struggling to figure out her own religious beliefs, while simultaneously confronting pre-teen female issues for the first time.     

Grade 5 and up

4. Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

The story of a courageous young girl in Denmark who helps her friend escape from the Nazis during World War II.

Grade 5 and up

5. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit by Paula Danziger

A book about a young girl whose only wish is to be “normal”, and whose exeperiences force her to reconsider what is important in life and how to stand up for herself.

Grade 5 and up

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Top 5 Throwback Summer Reads for Kids

The end of school is here and we’re sure that your little ones were counting down the days until summer. With the weeks stretching out ahead, and hours to spend relaxing in a hammock with a good read, the teachers here at RRLS have been reminiscing about the books we enjoyed reading as kids.  Some of these books were favourites for multiple teachers and they brought back a lot of fun childhood memories. We hope you and your munchkins enjoy reading these as much as we did!

Purple, Green and YellowPurple Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch.

The tale of a girl who loves to colour and takes it to a whole new level.

The Balloon TreeThe Balloon Tree by Phoebe Gilman.

The story of a brave young princess with a magical balloon tree. This fairy tale is perfect for inspiring and encouraging spirited young girls to be feisty and courageous.

Only the Cat SawOnly the Cat Saw by Ashley Wolff

The story of a cat that sees all of the small details that we, as humans, often miss.

Princess SmartypantsPrincess Smartypants by Babette Cole

A book about a non-traditional princess who has no interest in getting married, and is full of great ideas on how to get rid of her many suitors.

My Mother is Weird by My Mother is WeirdRachna Gilmore

A story about what moms are like in the morning before the coffee finishes brewing.

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Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space Offers Alpha-Mania Early Childhood Education Storybooks for Parents, Educators, Day Care Centers, Nurseries, Preschools and Franchises for School Readiness

Alpha-Mania Teaches Children Five Essential Predictors of Reading Success: Sound-Symbol Correspondence, Rhyming and Alliteration, Blending, Segmenting and Recognizing Sounds Within Words

By Ruth Rumack

Toronto, Ontario – For the past 16 years, the Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) has used Alpha-Mania storybooks to teach early literacy and phonological awareness skills to children in preschool through 1st grade via personalized one-to-one teaching sessions, interactive teacher-led group classes and licensed lesson plans. The company targets daycares, nursery schools and homeschools throughout Canada and is now taking new orders from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Australia and other English speaking countries. Please call (416) 925-1225 to learn more.

The Alpha-Mania storybooks encourage interactions between readers and children that promote the development of early-reading skills. They are colorful, animated adventures that take children on board pirate ships with the Alpha-Mania crew to sail the seven seas in search of consonants and vowels in a wonderful and intriguing world of sounds, symbols and words.

On their exciting adventures, captivated children are introduced to the five essential predictors of reading success in order to inspire reading confidence:

1. Sound-Symbol Correspondence
2. Rhyming and Alliteration (repetition of the first sound in a group of words)
3. Blending (combining individual sounds to make words)
4. Segmenting (separating words into individual parts and sounds)
5. Recognizing Sounds within Words

In addition to the existing Alpha-Mania storybooks, the RRLS staff will soon be conducting an Alpha-Mania crowdfunding campaign on to raise money to take these important lessons into the electrifying new world of digital education technology.

The main goal of the crowdfunding campaign will be to make the Alpha-Mania early childhood literacy program available to schools, literacy centers and other organizations that educate children.

Alpha-Mania Early Childhood Learning and Literacy
Alpha-Mania Early Childhood Learning and Literacy

Students, parents, teachers and schools who donate money to the crowdfunding campaign will be able to enter a contest to name characters, animals, ships, islands, places and treasure coves throughout the Alpha-Mania storybooks that will be printed after the crowdfunding campaign.

Once the printed storybooks have been finalized, RRLS will use a portion of the crowdfunding proceeds to take the Alpha-Mania adventures into the world of digital media.

E-books and apps will come first, followed by a newly designed website and a web series that will allow parents and teachers to use smartphones, tablets and personal computers to download Alpha-Mania lessons and use them to teach children early childhood pre-reading, reading and other literacy skills.

Fun Early Childhood Learning with Alpha-Mania  at Ruth Rumack's Learning Center
Fun Early Childhood Learning with Alpha-Mania at Ruth Rumack’s Learning Center

If you would like to follow our progress, please click here to sign up for our free HeadTalker news alert, which will notify everyone via social media when the details of the new crowdfunding campaign are released on May 25, 2015.

The first storybook, Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates, is now available for purchase for $15 on the website. Volume discounts are available for franchises, pre-schools, day care centers, nurseries and other types of educational organizations that buy in bulk. Please call (416) 925-1225 to speak with Ruth Rumack for volume sales pricing information.