Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space Opens Summer Camp Early Bird Registration for Lively Little Learners: A Pre-Reading & Art Camp for Children Ages 3-5 in Toronto, Ontario

Grounded in Phonological Awareness Activities and Art Appreciation and Taught Through Songs, Movement, and Crafts, Classes Are Structured Around a Theme So Children Learn the Joy of Language and Art

By Ruth Rumack

Toronto, Ontario – After the first year of parental leave, there is a huge demand from Canadian families that need childcare for children from three years old until they begin school. These early childhood learning years are critical for preschoolers because research shows that children gain a tremendous advantage in their ability to learn when they are taught to develop not only academic skills, but also non-cognitive social and emotional skills and behaviors that lead to their long-term success.

Alpha-Mania Early Childhood Learning and Literacy
Alpha-Mania Early Childhood Learning and Literacy

There are many non-cognitive skills that are critical for an individual to strive for and succeed in when reaching long-term goals. Researchers have found that habits such as tenacity and perseverance can have just as strong an influence on achievement as intellectual ability.

What attitudes do children have about learning? Do they feel like their abilities in a subject are fixed — “I’m just not good at reading!” or do they recognize they can grow — “I can learn to read, but I need to learn some Alpha-Mania strategies to figure out tricky sounds and words in order to master the fun puzzle of reading.”

“Growth mindset,” for example, is more likely when students believe they can achieve and when they believe that intelligence is malleable rather than fixed. This also helps develop non-cognitive skills such as perseverance, self-regulation, and effective strategies for enhancing student motivation and engagement.

To offer parents and preschoolers this type of specialized education, Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space (RRLS) provides an in-depth portfolio of regular early childhood learning classes during the school year as well as day camps during the summer.

This summer two 5-day Lively Little Learner Summer Camps are being held August 24th and August 31st. During each summer day camp, RRLS will be teaching Alpha-Mania, a pre-reading foundation class, and Mini Masters, an art class, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Taught by accredited educators, Lively Little Learners Day Camp begins each day with Alpha-Mania, a theme based pre-reading program, where children explore the alphabet and learn to love their letters. Grounded in phonological awareness activities and taught through songs, movement, and crafts, the week is structured around a theme so children learn the joy of language while pretending they are in space, on a pirate ship, or exploring the rainforest.

The themes and activities relate directly to the Letter of the Day, so children learn seamlessly while engrossed in Alpha-Mania fun that not only boosts their pre-reading skills, but also prepares them for a classroom environment.

After lunch, children explore the world’s great artists in Mini Masters. Inspired by the inner creativity in all children, Mini Masters is an opportunity to delve into the minds and techniques of the world’s greatest artists, from Da Vinci to Henri Matisse to Georgia O’Keeffe. Once inspired by the artist of the week, the “Mini Masters” create their own dynamic pieces of art, which could include painting, sculpting, and crafting media arts and murals. Children are introduced to the idea that behind every great piece of art stands a great artist.

Registration is open now and classes will fill up quickly. The Lively Little Learners Summer Camp fee is $275 per child. Families that register more than one child before June 30th will receive a 10% sibling discount. Please visit to sign up and pay online with any valid credit card.

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