Planning for Your Essay

Photo Credit Deposit PhotosTime management is an important part of all aspects of life.  Knowing how long something will take you, and making mini-deadlines for yourself allows you to avoid late night anxiety-filled cry-fests.  We suggest a couple of fool-proof ways to keep organized when tackling a large assignment or essay.

Personalized Checklists

A personalized checklist allows you to adapt the checklist to things that you know you’ll forget. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that it feels awesome to check off boxes systematically — there is a great deal of satisfaction that you can get from it.  There are a variety of ways that you can use a checklist, and we suggest the following:

  • When you first receive the assignment, use a checklist to make sure  you fully understand what the expectations are

For example: Do I have a minimum of 3 sources?

  • After you have written the first draft, use a checklist to revise the flow and overall argument of the essay

For example: Does each paragraph have a suitable topic sentence and conclusion? 

  • After you have revised, use a checklist to look for specific grammar mistakes

For example: Did I look specifically for incorrect uses of apostrophes? 

  • After you believe your paper is completely finished, review the personalized checklist you made for yourself when you first received the assignment

For example: Did I include the correct style of title page? 


Not everyone loves making deadlines, but for large essays they are essential.  We suggest making deadlines for when you should have your:Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

  • Research and/or reading complete
  • Rough thesis statement written
  • Rough outline complete
  • First draft complete
  • Bibliography complete
  • Essay draft edited and  proofread

 Backwards Planning

Backwards planning is exactly what it sounds like.  Start with a monthly calendar and record the essay’s due date. Then, add your mini-deadlines that we discussed above and start plugging them into your calendar!

Mapping out time to complete your essay will save you a lot of stress.  So many students want to write a 10 page essay the night before and panic when they realize it’s 4 a.m and they haven’t finished their research.  This can lead to unnecessary stress that you can easily avoid!  Next time you are assigned an essay, take a few minutes and plan!  Your future self will thank you!

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Dear Past Self, Thanks! Love, Future Self

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